DeJong Food Project Management Services

Project Management Services

DeJong Operations Management & Consulting LLC boasts extensive experience in managing food plant construction projects and overseeing day-to-day operations in food production facilities. With a proven track record, our team excels at managing beverage and food projects of any scale and stage, ensuring timely completion and cost-effectiveness. When construction deadlines and cost constraints matter, DeJong Consulting is the team you want running your project.

Industry-Specific Expertise

We specialize solely in sanitary processing projects, guaranteeing unparalleled expertise and attention to detail. Unlike competitors who may bring oil and chemical manufacturing knowledge, DeJong focuses solely on delivering top-notch solutions tailored to the food and beverage industry.

Industry-Leading Time Targets

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, DeJong-led projects consistently surpass industry standard time targets by 10%, ensuring efficient and streamlined project execution.

Food and Beverage Industry Project Management

DeJong Operations Management & Consulting LLC offers worldwide project management services to food and beverage companies. Our experience encompasses all food disciplines, including dairy, meat, poultry, fish, egg, vegan, and beverage facilities. From the beverage industry to biotech to developing innovative products, we are experts in sanitary process construction. Our detailed processes and proven methodology eliminate costly project delays and minimize downtime.

Typically, there are a lot of disciplines that are engaged in every project – and most projects will hire a separate contractor to handle each part of their project. This adds complexity to a project and slows the entire process. This can lead to overlapping roles, duplication of efforts, and poor quality control.

Project managers are vital in bridging the gap between the designers, the engineers, and the contractors implementing the work. The right project manager determines whether a project is completed on time.

Whether you need a team to oversee your project from start to finish or only need us to manage a small portion of your project, DeJong Consulting is the project management team to get the job done. We are experts at coordinating, communicating, and managing production timelines to ensure that each piece of equipment is ready at the right time.

  • Efficiency Through Streamlined Processes

    Our detailed processes and proven methodology eliminate costly project delays and minimize downtime. By coordinating all project disciplines and minimizing overlap, we ensure efficient project execution and superior quality control.

  • Proactive Communication and Progress Monitoring

    Communication is paramount in project management. At DeJong, we employ various tools and check-in rhythms to keep all stakeholders informed and aligned. Our proactive progress reports provide peace of mind, allowing stakeholders to track project progress against the plan and original budget.

  • Risk Management and Mitigation

    We prioritize risk management to protect our clients against potential liabilities and ensure maximum productivity. Our proactive risk analysis and risk assessment strategies identify potential risks early on, allowing us to implement clear risk mitigation measures from the outset.

  • Expert Construction Management

    Our experienced construction managers oversee the implementation of engineering designs, ensuring adherence to specifications and regulations. From site management to subcontractor coordination, our construction managers are the backbone of successful project execution.

Say goodbye to costly project delays and minimize your downtime with our detailed processes and proven methodology. We have got you covered with our foolproof approach that ensures timely and efficient project delivery.  Let's get started.

Food Project Services and Production Facility Management Services

We are also experts in the implementation and break-in phases of a facility. We often work with clients who need us to take them from bare soil to a fully functioning factory. So whether a client needs something constructed or operations set up in an existing facility, we are the industry resource that can get the equipment running, solve problems, and ensure that you are operating at peak efficiency.

Communication is key to ensuring a project moves forward on time and on budget. DeJong understands how critical it is to keep all parties informed and on the same page, from basic project management tools like Gantt charts to frequent check-in rhythms. Everything we do is about monitoring progress against the project plan and original budget.

Our proactive progress reports give all parties peace of mind as to where the project is. Our deep experience in building facilities for the food and beverage industry provides us with unbeatable expertise, and our deeply entrenched industry knowledge helps you stay ahead of your project goals.

On top of our project management skills, our team brings a deep understanding of troubleshooting food factory problems. Our team is frequently called in to solve efficiency problems in existing factories. We bring this perspective into every conversation, helping us mitigate risks ahead of time and ensure that your project is deployed with the best practices in place.

Risk Management Services

Risk management is an essential aspect of every project, and it involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks that could jeopardize the success of the project. As project managers, our primary focus is to protect our clients from liability by ensuring compliance with safety regulations and implementing risk management procedures to reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents.

Time loss and safety regulation compliance are two critical factors that influence risk management. Therefore, we have designed our risk management strategy to address these issues.

We conduct regular training sessions to educate our employees on safety measures and protocols. We also ensure that all employees sign off on these protocols and that we have adequate oversight to ensure compliance. By doing so, we can reduce the risk of accidents and incidents, thereby ensuring a safer working environment for our employees and a more successful project.

Our experience is also a valuable asset in risk management. We use our past experience and knowledge to identify many different types of risks and assess their likelihood and impact. This enables us to develop proactive strategies to mitigate these risks before they occur. We also conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential risks that may emerge during the project's lifecycle, such as legal frameworks, time constraints, quality of work, supply chain, and technological vulnerabilities.

Physical on-site risks are a crucial aspect of risk management. We have implemented safety protocols to minimize the risk of accidents and incidents on-site. We also conduct regular safety inspections to identify any potential hazards and take necessary actions to mitigate them. By doing so, we can maintain a safer working environment for our employees, reduce the risk of accidents and incidents, and ensure maximum productivity.

In conclusion, effective risk management is critical for the success of every project. By identifying potential risks, assessing their likelihood and impact, and implementing proactive strategies to mitigate them, we can ensure a safer working environment for our employees, comply with safety regulations, and deliver successful projects that meet our clients' expectations.

Construction Project Management Services

Construction is the core of our work. Our construction managers work under the guidance of project managers to ensure that engineering designs are implemented as intended. From site management to design management and coordination of sub-contractors, our experienced construction managers know how to keep the job on track. Ultimately, staying on budget and on schedule relies on our construction managers.

While our project managers can proactively identify potential obstacles and help stage supplies in advance, it's our construction managers who are the real heroes on the ground, making the project happen. Their continuous inspections and quality checks help to spot potential issues and escalate them when needed. They also play a crucial role in meeting building regulations and ensuring the health and safety of the construction crews.

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