Food Processing Industry Welding and Sanitary Welding

DeJong's construction crew has more than 15 years of experience and has successfully completed dozens of plant builds. We specialize in sanitary welding and can assist other design teams in constructing sanitary process manufacturing environments. Our crew includes a team of engineers, designers, project managers, stainless steel welders, pipe fitters, and millwrights.

Food Processing Industry Welding

DeJong Consulting boasts decades of experience in building and operating successful sanitary plants. This expertise provides a strong foundation for creating top-quality piping installations. Our team of welders and fitters is trained to adhere to sound design practices, and we possess the project experience to manage and maintain high standards. Our ultimate goal is to make the building process as straightforward as possible for you.

When you partner with DeJong, a project manager will be assigned to oversee the process and ensure quality assurance. For larger projects, team leaders will act as a single point of contact to ensure that all change orders are accounted for and carried out.

If you are seeking additional support for your design, engineering, and construction teams, we can assist you. We understand that you may not require our end-to-end design and construction services, but we are happy to provide supplementary assistance and fill any gaps in your ongoing projects.

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Sanitary Welding

Food processing plants and factories need to maintain a clean and hygienic environment to ensure the efficiency of their processing systems and the quality of their final output product. We take pride in assisting you in designing, building, and maintaining your plant's pipe systems using sanitary welds and food-grade welding techniques that meet the highest standards for processing facilities.

What Makes A Weld Sanitary?

Traditional welding typically involves using high-voltage currents to generate heat or pressure for fusing two metal parts together. However, for industries such as food, drug, and dairy, a specialized welding practice called sanitary welding is employed. This practice requires full-penetration, gas-purged welds that are free of sugaring or pinholes in food applications.

For aseptic pharmaceutical welding, weld certs, documentation, pin-stamping, and traceability are necessary. TIG/MIG welding by hand or orbital welder are the primary methods used to create a sanitary weld, which can be planned by our in-house engineers and executed seamlessly by our world-class field welding crews or shop team.

Employ Sanitary Welding Capabilities

If you are looking for a simple and trustworthy cleaning solution for your food processing plant, sanitary welding is the ideal method to guarantee that your quality and safety teams can effortlessly clean and maintain the environment of your plant. Sanitary welding solutions are specifically designed for austenitic stainless steel tube systems and processing plants, where it is essential to adhere to the highest welding standards.

Orbital Welding

If your plant uses austenitic stainless steel tube or any other type of smooth-surfaced stainless piping, we can offer you state-of-the-art orbital welding services. Orbital welding is a specialized method for welding piping process systems, where the welding arc rotates 360 degrees around the pipe in a continuous process. This method helps prevent stress cracks, damage to screw threads, and ensures reliable cleaning in the future. The downside is that it requires more set-up time and usually needs constant management of the programming to ensure an effective weld.

Sanitary Welding Standards For Food-Grade Stainless Steel

If you plan to construct a processing plant or facility that can function effectively not only today but also in the future, it is crucial to ensure that all your systems are designed without any porous surfaces or welds that may be susceptible to failure due to heat, pressure, oxidation, or other possible forces.

TIG welding is an excellent solution that guarantees a secure oxide layer to coat your weld surfaces, making it possible for them to be fully penetrated for cleaning and making sure bacteria have nowhere to hide.

It is vital to acknowledge that the design phase of your manufacturing plant is the most critical step that can determine the future of your processing plant.

To avoid putting your processing plant's future at risk, it is highly recommended to contact DeJong Operations Management & Consulting LLC today for top-tier sanitary grade welds, TIG welds, hygienic welded fittings, food-grade welding solutions, and more.  Kick off the discussion!